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What does Custom Residential Design mean?

I have had some people think the word custom means it is out of their price range, or more than what they are looking for.

For me, I look at it like this. Most people only go through this process of designing a home once, if at all. Picking a plan from a website or builder and having it built isn’t custom. No one sat down with you to see how you live, and what spaces could really help you and your family.

I tailor the design experience to each client as everyone has their own needs. I sit down and ask a variety of questions on how you live, where you spend your time, what you love in design, and more importantly what you hate! Some clients have said it’s like therapy - really digging in deep. ←- yes, I ask if you want your own private toilet room separate from your spouse (keep the mystery in tact + therefore the romance alive)

All of these items help me put together a home that meets your needs. Through this process, many times what you think you’re looking for will shift because the reason behind what you thought you wanted was actually different.

Seeing your reactions to the questions also tells me a lot, pauses and hesitancies versus confident yes’s and no’s tell your designer a lot!

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