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Here’s what others have asked before / while working with me:

What if I have images of my style, do you look at those or is that not allowed?

  • I love seeing your inspiration!  It helps me make sure we are on the same when it comes to the direction of the design.   I have many clients who share their Pinterest boards with me, some put together their inspiration in a word document, or give me napkin sketches. 

Is my style something you like? 

  • My goal is to get you a home that YOU love! When your style is different than mine or different than something I've done it challenges me in such a fun way! Every person is unique - and that's where the words custom home designs comes into play. 

We have a plan we like can you get it permitted? 

  • Plans are copywritten materials. We can take those plans and use them as a starting point. I love to get into the details of why you love the plan, and how we can make it work even better for you and your family - customize it to your needs. 

We want to build in 2 months, does that work with your schedule?

  • The design and permitting process is something that takes time. I will do my best to accommodate your 

How much do you charge?

  • Short answer - every project is different. Every client has a different starting point, different level of need from their designer. Reach out and lets talk about your project and we can go from there :)

How much will this design cost to build? 

  • This is something that has so many variables.  Every contractor is different, every build level is different (finishes can make or break a budget!), material availability and man power vary so much - the pandemic showed us this.  

  • I recommend getting a contractor on board early on, or after the design is agreed to getting the project bid by a couple contractors. The contractor can provide cost saving solutions to incorporate into the plans. 

Do you have contractor you work with? 

  • I have a few contractors that I have worked with that I can recommend, and a few that I can recommend you don't use. But the decision is yours to make as the contractor relationship is an important one to make sure there is a personality fit - you'll get to know them pretty good over the build.  

What if we need to stop the project? 

  • Through many unforeseen reasons, some projects need to be put on hold or canceled. If this happens services to date are to be paid.  I will never charge you for work that is not done. 


Great! You've answered all my questions and I want to proceed, what are the next steps? 

  • First off, thank you! Thank you for supporting a small business!

  • I will put together a contract, with more information, and request a retainer. The retainer shows a level of commitment to the project and to me. 

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