• Amanda Ryan

Why do I do what I do?!

Growing up we moved a lot, I mean every 1-3 years typically. I lived in a lot of houses, apartments, motels. I saw what it was like for a single parent to care for 3 children making at best $22k per year. ←- I recently saw her W2s. I am grateful for all the sacrifices my mom made to provide for us kids. Thank you mom!

We didn’t have a lot, but we weren’t without either. Didn’t get to participate in a lot of extra curriculars, or go to camp. We had a handful of Disney VHS tapes that we watched on repeat. But I did have my Barbies! Oh I loved my Barbies!

Did I have a Barbie dream house? NO! Was I bitter? A little bit. Santa never brought me one either…. I asked for one every chance I could. I was selfish that way.

So with no Barbie house, what did Barbie live in? Why I’m glad you asked! Sock houses! That’s right! I would be in my room, and lay out a house floor plan using socks. Moving socks over and over until Barbie’s house was perfect! Once it was perfect, I was over playing with Barbie, typically. On to the next play activity of my imagination. Next day - repeat the sock layout if the previous layout was picked up.

This is likely why I do what I do. Why I care that everyone deserves a home. Why my kid has too many socks (hopeful he’ll play barbie house design with me).

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to the woman to sacrificed everything, including Barbie’s Dream House, so I can be who I am today! To the woman who supports me daily on my aspirations no matter how big they are!

Create your dream life! Start somewhere! Love your momma!

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