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Who wants more affordable housing?

I don't have to tell you the housing market is insane right now!

One of my biggest passions with housing is affordable housing. I believe everyone deserves a home.

I got the opportunity to work with a contractor/owner who wants to build some affordable work place housing in Garden City.

The intent is people right out of college, starting their careers. 1 bedroom 1.5 bathroom units of 698 SF each. Each unit identical, each building identical (minus riser room). Cheaper design, and cheaper construction costs this way.

We applied for a minor planned unit development (MPUD) the design really does work for this site. We do not need it to work on a different site.

Unfortunately, @gardencityidaho has said they want a variety of housing. Most developments exclude the 1 bedroom options. This proposed development is the variety they need!

The variety of unit types as well as the parking requirements are going to be the biggest hurdle. We are awaiting them to come back and let us know some precedent on the issue.

The odds are against us on this, but we are not giving up. I may have more fight in me on this than the client...

-People need affordable housing. -Many people are money hungry and not wanting to build affordable housing. -Not every lot is created equal. -this design is in no way going to be a detriment to the community. -It can stay a lot and collect shipping containers? Park RVs?

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