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Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

I am happy to announce I have become a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)

You may or may not know, disability awareness and inclusion has been a big part of what I believe and advocate for from a young age.

-One of my electives in 8th grade was being in the special needs class room, and being present and helping, and hanging out with peers with different needs.

-I was the scribe for my friend in 8th grade algebra, taking notes and copying so we each had them. Super grateful for her, she tutored me through it - really. Thank you Katie B :)

-Now as a mom, I have a child with some unique needs I have a different level of understanding and appreciation for others.

I took this class, because I have more and more aging clients coming to me looking for modifications to their homes to accommodate their changing needs. This was an obligation I had, to ensure I gave them the best service I could.

I learned more about different medical conditions and how they affect people's lives in different ways. I am now better equipped to guide them through a renovation or new construction that meets their needs now AND as they age! Adaptable designs!

I will be expanding my services to include more of a home accessibility evaluation. Maybe you're not looking for a full home renovation? This will be be looking at what you have in your home now, and some easy upgrades that can be done now to help.

I'm excited for all the lives I can help!

Let me know any questions you may have!

much love, and respect one another always!

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